Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Some Absolutely Brillant customer feedback about Camperman Australia!

As Canadians we can appreciate travelling through a vast and expansive country such as Australia. We had two weeks to make it up to Cairns from Brisbane and I cannot imagine a more enjoyable way of travelling than with the Camperman Australia van. Its simply unbelievable the freedom you have to travel where you want and when you want, to pick up and move on at the slightest whim. That goes without saying that freedom alone is not enough, and that the quality and layout of the Camperman van was perfect for the three of us. With its stove we were able to prepare almost anything from fresh-caught Bream to made-from-scratch pasta with tomato sauce. We never encountered any mechanical problems and it was a huge relief on our trip to not even have to concern ourselves with questions of whether or not we would physically make it to our destination. All in all our trip has been a memorable one and likely would not have even compared had we attempted it any other way!

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