Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Some hilarious and very positive customer feedback! =)

'Michael' the camper was the best thing since sliced bread!! All we were missing was a shower and a toilet, but a quick stop every day to get these never hurt no1!!! Thankfully I was sleeping downstairs but I reckon the penthouse got a bit tight after a few glasses of goon!! lol!
For the price, the camper was brilliant!! So handy just to pull into a rest area, fix the beds and whip up a tasty meal and just as easy to throw back the beds and hit the road again! I love the lack of colour on the van as your not as conspicous as the other wildly coloured vans, so you look almost posh!!
All in all a great camper which I will recommend and hopefully use again in the near future! Thanks Camperman and of course we will miss you michael!! :(

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