Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Another Amazing Feedback!!

Starting in Airlie Beach with our Camper, we drove up all the way to Mission Beach.
The way up there wasnt that easy- we quickly found out that in this country people like to drive on the 'wrong' side and that seems to be the reason for the 'wrong' position of the steering wheel (we did not try to fix that).
At MissionBeach Sanctury we survived a night in the jungle with a lot of insects, lizards and geckos. So the first night with our van was a very new experience, allthough we did not use the van for sleeping, (yes,the insects were in the hut we slept in;-).....
The time then at the north beaches of Cairns, Yorkeys Knob and Port Douglas was pretty comfortable- nothing we needed was missing, also the washing line was included in the van. A campervan is perfect to be free, allowed to do what you just want, to sleep where you want and to have everything with you to get a good barbecue directly after kitesurfing at Yorkeys Knob for example - and we recommend this to do!!
We really enjoyed the trip - Thanks

Thorsten Simon & Karin Stern, Munich, Germany

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