Thursday, June 20, 2013

Peace Run Australia 2013

We have been proudly following the Peace Run Australia 2013 on their website, visit

Stacey and her team of dedicated runners have hired a camper from us this year and we are keeping track of their progress through their news section on the website.

Stacey sent us this update while they were travelling along the Nullabour Highway. 

'So far so good, we are in the Nullabour on our way to Perth, we have reached one month on the road.  I am sitting at the moment in the Camper with four other team members who are updating reports and editing photos.  There is someone cooking dinner outside it and a kettle boiling for cuppas!

We only ran 156k today so it was a light day. Our km start getting bigger again soon, and once we have crossed the Nullabour we will be visiting schools again.  And be able to buy fresh fruit and veges!  We are on tinned stuff at the moment as there is not much out here.''

The Peace Run is a global relay that promotes international friendship and understanding.  

Check out the itinerary at to see if the Peace Run will be coming your way soon.

Show you support for these dedicated volunteers and keep a look out for the Camperman Campervan.

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